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After the celestial event or Christmas star Great conjunction between Jupiter and SaturnSky watchers can be excited by the latest celestial event of 2020. This will be the last full moon of the year which is also known as a cold moon. It will be the highest full moon of the entire calendar year, and interestingly enough, the 13th and final lunar event of 2020 will be visible on two different days. to me Old Farmer’s Calendar, The peak illumination of the full moon should occur at 7:54 PM IST on December 29 and 8:57 PM IST on December 30. The calendar says that people can start discovering the full moon of December just before sunset.

Full moon in Washington, USA. Image credit: Flickr / Rocky Rebel

What makes Cold Moon 2020 special?

The cold moon will have a distinctive high path across the sky. This results in the moon appearing on the horizon for a longer period of time.

It’s also called “Long Night Moon” as the event takes place on one of the longest nights of the year. This is because the date is fairly close to the winter solstice. Since it occurs just after Christmas, the full moon is called “the moon after Christmas” in Europe as well. According to the ancient farmer’s calendar, the name Cold Moon has leaked from some of the traditions observed by Native Americans. The name refers to “freezing conditions for this time of year”.

According to a report from ForbesThe timing of the moon’s peak in terms of illumination is behind the globe. It detects the cold moon on two different dates. While the Asia Pacific region, Europe and Africa will see a full moon on December 30, both South America and North America will have it the day before, on December 29.

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After that, the full moon will appear as a full moon for the next three days.

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