Bill Bellick threw a sideline phone in frustration during the Billy Patriots

In a moment that Patriots fans might see as the representative of the team’s disappointing 2020 season, Bill Bilesik reacted to the poorly chosen coach’s challenge during Monday night’s match with Bills by throwing a side phone.

Belichick chose to use one of his challenges during the AFC East match after Dawson Knox managed to get a side pass from 15 yards in the first match of melee in the third quarter.

The Patriots’ head coach had long been around where Knox was picked up, and he quickly threw a red flag to mark the challenge.

However, after the review, it ended up being a fairly straightforward decision of management: Knox had possession of the ball with both feet within bounds.

After the relatively quick review (which confirmed the arrest of Bills), Belichick is seen on the sidelines having a chat with the Patriots over the phone. Then he threw the phone in frustration before it moved away.

ESPN Monday Night Football commentator Steve Levy noted, “Whoever suggested coach Belichick might like the award-winning challenge.”

Things took a turn for Belichick, as Bills off the drive capped an 18-yard drop to Stefon Diggs.

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