Eagles’ 2021 opponents: First look at the Philadelphia schedule

With th Philadelphia Eagles Officially taking last place in NFC East 2020 (thanks to New York’s victory over Dallas in Week 17), we now know all of their opponents in the regular season of 2021. Based on the league schedule structure, here’s an overview of the teams you’ll be playing.

Home games

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Pirates

Presidents of Kansas City

Los Angeles Chargers

San Francisco 49ers

Cowboys in Dallas

Washington Redskins

New York Giants

Faraway games

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Raiders of Las Vegas

The Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Cowboys in Dallas

Washington Redskins

New York Giants

The location is unclear

New York Jets

The exact dates and times will not be disclosed until the NFL officially unveils the 2021 schedule in mid to late April.

As mentioned earlier, the Eagles table is determined by the. They play with the three NFC East teams twice a season, making up six matches. They also play one NFC and one division of AFC, which is rotated each year. In 2021, that will be NFC South and AFC West, that’s eight more matches. The Eagles then play the two teams from each of the other two NFC divisions that finished in the same spot in their division as Philadelphia. This will be the 49ers in NFC West and Lions in NFC North.

New in 2021, the NFL is expected to expand the season to 17 matches. If / when this is officially done, the Eagles’ extra discount will do It is said to be a team in East Asia Who ended up in the same place in their section. So, New York Jets. However, it is not entirely clear if it will be a home game or on the road.

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The NFL is usually an annual league; There is a lot that can change between now and next season. With that said, here are some early thoughts about the Eagles’ opponents in 2021.

  • Only five of the 17 matches for the Eagles will be against the teams that have competed in the 2021 qualifiers. Two of those five are against the NFC East winner who had a losing record.
  • Another game against the saints. 2021 will be the Eagles’ fourth meeting against New Orleans since November 2018.
  • The Eagles will be playing their first match against Patrick Mahomes. The third game against Andy Reid since moving from him in 2012. The Eagles 0-2 against Reid so far.
  • Having to face Justin Herbert in Year 2 can be a real challenge. Show a lot of promise as a beginner.
  • I wonder who the 49ers will be in the middle of next year. I don’t think it will be Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • Can the Broncos run at Carson Wentz? He could see John Elway wanting to go after him.
  • The Eagles will play their first-ever match in Las Vegas. It would also be their first match against John Groden since Matt Bryant scored a field goal from 62 yards to win the ball in 2006.
  • The Eagles’ all-time undefeated record against jets (11-0) will be on the line again.

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