Elon Musk Says Taking Tesla Special Will Be An ‘Impossible’ Mission

It is impossible” Elon Musk To turn around Tesla Private – despite the CEO’s belief that getting rid of Electric car manufacturer Of her duties as a prof General He said on Christmas Eve that the company would help accelerate innovation.

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“The engineering, design, and general company operations capture the vast majority of my mind and are the primary constraint to doing more,” Musk tweeted In response to a user who was speculating about the best way a tech entrepreneur could devote his time. “Tesla’s public duties are a much bigger factor, but getting private is impossible now (sigh).”

Tesla, which was added to the benchmark S&P 500 Index this week, has seen its shares rise 670 percent since the start of the year. With nearly $ 630 billion in market value, Tesla will be its largest acquisition ever.

Tesla X.- Reuters / Arend Wegmann

Musk became famous I got into hot water With the SEC after sending a tweet on August 7, 2018, stating that he is “considering making Tesla private at $ 420. Funding is guaranteed.”

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The fate joke pushed him to pay a $ 20 million fine and led to him being forced to step down from his role as Tesla boss.

Musk on Thursday also chirp That Starlink – the satellite company that broadcasts the internet within SpaceX – is its next project to potentially go public, saying it will become public “once revenue growth is reasonably expected.”

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