Ghost of Tsushima Fans help fix realistic Tsushima Island

Ghost of Tsushima fans helped contribute to the restoration of a realistic Torii Gate on Japan’s Tsushima Island. Siliconiera, Crowdfunding project Gate restoration at Watatsumi Shrine ended on January 10, Accumulating more than 27 million yen. According to an article from Famitsu, Many Ghost of Tsushima fans rallied behind the funding campaign and in the end, they managed to hit 542% of the initial goal of 5 million yen.

The gate to the Watsumi Shrine was partially destroyed by a typhoon in September 2020, and repairs should begin in April 2021, although delays related to the epidemic could slow this process. Project Builder He thanked game fans for their contributions in one of the activity reports As the campaign progresses, the memorial will include the names of all who have pledged more than 10,000 yen (approximately 95 USD / 71 GBP / 125 AUD).

Torii gates are usually used to mark the entrance to a Shinto temple, and He even helped inspire the creation of Star Fox. Watatsumi Shrine is located in Toyotama, one of the three areas that appeared in Ghost of Tsushima.

In other news about Ghost of Tsushima, the PlayStation exclusive recently beat The Last of Us II and Hades to score the Player Voice award at The Game Awards 2020.

We reviewed Ghost of Tsushima again in July of 2020, and scored 9 points and called it an “excellent action game”. If you’re making your way through the game right now on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, check out our full Ghost of Tsushima Tour to make sure you find all the collectibles and catch every upgrade.

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