Microsoft is replacing Outlook for Mac with a new global client

Microsoft plans to replace Outlook for Mac with a new web-based global Outlook client, according to Windows Central.

Months after announcing a file Redesigned Outlook for Mac, Microsoft reportedly intends to cancel the existing Mac app and replace it with a new client based on Outlook on the web.

The project, codenamed “Monarch”, is Microsoft’s attempt to build a single Outlook client across Windows, Mac, and the web. The new client will also replace the default Mail and Calendar apps on Windows 10 and unify Microsoft’s entire suite of Outlook apps.

Project Monarch is said to be based on the pre-existing Outlook web app, and provides the best indication of how the alternate app will look and function when released. Although there will apparently be some native OS integrations for the likes of offline storage and notifications, the overall goal is to remain as universal as possible across platforms.

The change allows Microsoft to use the same code base for apps on all devices, which helps it simplify development. For users, the new single customer will be smaller and offer the same user experience across all devices.

Microsoft is said to start previewing its new Outlook client at the end of 2021, and plans to replace the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10 in 2022. Outlook for Mac is supposed to be deprecated at some point during this timeframe.

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