NFL fines Baltimore Ravens $ 250,000 for COVID-19 violations

The Baltimore Ravens got over their team’s COVID-19 problems that have devastated their team, they stayed in the playoff match and currently don’t have any players on the reserve list.

Now that the review is complete, the penalty from the NFL is in.

Sources say the crows were fined $ 250,000 for their role in the outbreak, but were not recruited. The high fine is the same as the New England Patriots but less than $ 350 thousand fined Tennessee Titans For their COVID-19 issues.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos has not been fined by the NFL for causing The COVID-19 case that left them without QB For one game. In part, this is because the Broncos enforced discipline on their players and the organization was not found neglecting. Their protocols were sound.

Crows had four unique strains of COVID-19 in their facility. Over a period of 10 days, nearly twenty players were placed on the reserve list, including midfielder Lamar Jackson. The team commented on strength coach Steve Saunders for failing to report his symptoms and for not wearing a permanent mask.

The Game Crows Steelers It was postponed several times before it went into operation on Wednesday. On that day, there were no active positives. Before that, they had 10 consecutive days of at least one positive test.

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