Source says Lori Loughlin tends to have faith to bypass jail time for the college admission scandal

Laurie Loughlin She relies on her faith while serving the remaining days of her prison sentence for her role in College admission scandal.

Loughlin is set to be released from the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, on December 28.

A source said, “She prays day and night. Her faith passed her.” Us weekly, While adding that Loughlin used to spend “her spare time reading books.”

“She can’t wait to get home with her girls,” said the source, about Loughlin’s daughters, Isabella Giannoli, 22, and Olivia Gide, 21.

Loughlin’s expected release comes as her husband, Musimo Giannulli, Is serving a five-month prison sentence at a federal facility in Lombok, California. He is expected to be released in April 2021. Loughlin started her sentence earlyCheck-in at FCI Dublin October 30th.


FCI Dublin is a federal low-security prison with approximately 1,200 inmates. It is the same facility whereDesperate Housewives“actress Felicity Hoffman Servants 11 days of judgment planned for two weeks For similar crimes.

The actress was sentenced to two months in prison behind bars in August after she and her fashion designer husband plead guilty to charges stemming from $ 500,000 payments to the fraud mastermind. William “Rick” Singer To recruit their daughters into the USC Staff Team. The two did not participate in the sport.

Inside Lori Laughlin Prison, Stunt & Why Didn’t Talk To Her Daughter Olivia Jade: An Expert

While Loughlin was incarcerated, her daughter Olivia Gide made headlines for her First ever interview about a national scandal. He talks to Jada Pinkett Smith In “Red Table Talk” Olivia talks about her parents’ imprisonment, Not to be angry with them And the backlash she encountered online because of her privilege.

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