Split Round Picks for PFT’s NFL 2020

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Last week, MDS and I agreed on all 6 matches. We got four of them right. For the difference, MDS went 3-3. I was pathetic 2-2.

This week, we’re disagreeing on one of the four games. For only three we have the same winner, either straight or against the spread.

Check out all the picks below, and agree with yours in the comments.

Ramez (+6.5) in the Packers

Take MDS: Aaron Rodgers He plays his best, and the rams will go with any injured Jared Goff Or wounded John Wolford. There are other lenses through which you can watch this game, and some of them prefer rams, that is, rams have the superior defense. But even if he plays that defense well against Rodgers, I think in the end that Rodgers W. Davant Adams Make enough big plays to win this game.

Choose MDS: Packers 30, Rams 20.

Take Florio: Packers need to go back Aaron Jones For solid performance he is heading towards the free agency. They also need midfielder Aaron Rodgers to find the shrapnel and wrinkles the ball can be thrown into to receive Davante Adams, even if it is covered by the corner corner. Galen Ramsey. In defense, Green Bay needs to sell to stop the run and force the Rams to defeat them by throwing the ball into Lambeau’s cold air.

Choose Florio: Packers 31, Rams 21.

Crows (+2.5) in Bills

Take MDS: Over the past several weeks, the Bills may play better than any other NFL team. The crows play good football at the right time too, but I don’t think I would pick anyone up to go to Buffalo and defeat the Bills now.

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Choose MDS: Bills 27, Ravens 20.

Take Florio: The Crows are still the hottest team in the NFL, and the Beals were mistaken for the Colts. Baltimore can run the ball very well, and the bills can’t. This might be the difference, especially if it’s snow.

Choose Florio: Ravens 24, Bills 21.

Brown (+10) in the Chiefs

Take MDS: Brown poured it early and never looked back against the Steelers, but the Presidents who are well rested are simply the better team. Patrick Mahomes You will excel Baker Mayfield And I expect the presidents to have at least one big game in private teams.

Choose MDS: Chiefs 35, Browns 21.

Take FlorioThe best condition for Browns includes slowing things down, shortening the game, and limiting the number of properties Kansas City will own. Even then, can Cleveland outgrow the Kansas City team that always finds a way? It is doubtful.

Choose Florio: Chiefs 35, Browns 24.

Pirates (+3) in Saints

Take MDS: Tom Brady against. Drew Press It should be a classic NFL playoff game, a game that can easily go in any direction. The Saints are favored and won each of the regular season meetings with ease, but I have a feeling the Bucs peaked in time, as the Saints slow down as the season approaches.

Choose MDS: Pirates 28, Saints 27.

Take FlorioGet rid of the first two batches of this series; Pirates have improved dramatically since week 1 and week 9. Tom Brady played 17 matches for his new team, and crime has reached its climax. In what will likely Drew Brees’ last career game, it is quite possibly another heartbreaking exit from posteason for the Saints.

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Choose Florio: Pirates 24, Saints 23.

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