Urban Meyer tells his mates that the Chargers are interested in him while the Jaguars close


Former college coach Urban Mayer gave him an official interview Jaguar Douri’s sources, Malik Shad Khan, said Friday, and he is still widely seen as the front-runner for the job, should he want to.

Mayer, who has been talking to his teammates and former aides as he contemplates forming a potential team in the NFL, has also informed others that he has a strong potential to train ChargersThe association’s sources said, despite controversy over the validity of this sentiment. Association sources indicated that it is very unlikely that the Spanos will cede the kind of control and structure that Meyer will demand; He has relationships with owner Dean Spanos, however, he has been around the team in recent years and attended a few matches as a team guest at his old venue in Carson, California.

Sources said Meyer had been in contact with Khan for weeks, and Jacksonville’s interest in him was first reported here at Week 16. Their interest is great and many of those who know Meyer well admit that the process would not have reached this point if there hadn’t really been much progress. There is a strong sense in the training community and GM that this pairing is a possibility if Meyer decides he is healthy and ready to train again, with Khan not committing to the imperative financial commitment and power structure requiring a coach like this one.

Jaguar sources warn that this is only one of Khan’s many interviews and that the process is still in its early stages, with former coach Doug Maroney just being relieved of his duties on Monday. Meyer moved away from Florida and again Ohio state for health reasons, and worked as a college football analyst for Fox in recent years. He has particular appeal in the Jacksonville area due to his success with Florida and Jacksonville producer Tim Tipo, who won a national championship and Heisman Cup there.

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If Meyer were to get the job at Jacksonville, league sources have referred to the former Brown General manager Ray Farmer as a possibility to work in the role of general manager, while Mayer is also a huge supporter of the Associate Athletic Director in Ohio, and players, Mark Pantone, who has received several accolades to evaluate his enlistment and who also worked with Mayer in Florida.

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