Washington De Chase Young Soccer Team – I am not sorry for Brady’s “Want Tom” comments

Ashburn, Virginia – Defensive finish for the Washington football team Chase Young Sunday night explained what he wanted this week: Tom Brady. That hasn’t changed after three days – even if some try to turn it into billboard material.

After NFC East won the title Sunday in Philadelphia, Young is caught in front of the camera saying, “Tom Brady, Tom Brady, I’m coming! I want Tom! I want Tom.”

“I play ball,” Young said Wednesday. “I’m excited to take on the best. The media, their job is to stir it up. If you know me, I’m passionate about every game. Tom Brady, you think I’m not excited to play against GOAT? You’re going off. I won’t apologize for saying I want Tom. No, I want all your quarterbacks to play against him.” . “

Young will get his chance against Brady when Washington (7-9) hosts the Tampa Bay Pirate Team (11-5) on Saturday night. Young, ranked # 2 overall in the draft, scored 7.5 bags and four mandatory team hits. It brought back one touch of landing. Young ranks 7th with a win rate of 22.5%, according to ESPN statistics and information. In his last seven matches, he finished second with 26.9%.

Brady, however, has been sacked only 21 times, the fourth lowest number in the league for midfielders who have started at least 15 games.

“Ask any arrogant player in the league who they want to fire and most of them would say Tom Brady,” Young said.

Earlier this week, Young’s coach, Ron Rivera, said he would become a “billboard” for Tampa.

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Rivera said, “They’ll enjoy it. You have to bring it back to youthful exuberance, but this is Chase.” “I’m swinging, but at the same time I smile at it because he loves to play the game. I think that’s it. This is Chase. That’s the kind of guy we want in our soccer team.”

The 43-year-old Brady, who will appear in NFL 12th post-season match Sunday, did not take the bait, although his faint facial expression on a video call said it all.

“He is clearly an amazing young player,” Brady said. “We got our hands full with that D line, which is one of the best D lines in the league, so, Chase is a great young player. I went to Ohio so naturally I think the Ohio State thing is fading a little bit. I understand that. We’re ready for a tough challenge and it should be.” It would be an enjoyable game. “

Bruce Arians, the pirate trainer, had praised Young a lot, but he also delivered a word of caution to the novice about poking a bear.

“He’s a hell player,” said Arianez. “Getting him captain as a rookie clearly speaks a lot. Both of those kids are from Ohio – he and [Terry] Maclaurin – Wonderful children. It’s a handful, but it is [Montez] SweatAnd the [Daron] PayneThe rest of these guys. Ryan Kerrigan – I had a lot of respect for [him] for a long time. Our hands will be full, but it is one of those games where you watch your best what you wish. “

Young’s enthusiasm was evident throughout the season. He gives fiery speeches before a match and walks on the sidelines during matches, encouraging insult. During the loss of Carolina, when he supported the quarterback Taylor Heinek Substituted by Dwayne Haskins, Young ran to the field during timeout to pump Heinicke.

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Facing Brady gives the young man another opportunity to show his enthusiasm.

Young said, “I’m definitely excited to play goats.” “They say the greatest ever. It’s time.”

ESPN’s Jenna Lin contributed to this report.

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